Monday, February 9, 2009

Posh Toesies

This is an easy boot pattern I got from a cute shop on Etsy called ithinksew. They turned out so cute and my daughter loves them. They are made out of fleece with a ribbon sewn down the side and adorned with a felt flower. I'm just getting into sewing and it's so fun to make something and see it being used.


  1. I am not a sewer at all, but had to go to the fabric store for something for my daughter and wished I was. Those are really cute!

    (Saw you on Modern Molly Mormon follower list)

  2. Ok, that should read that I don't sew, so I am not a sew-er. I'm not a sewer (the pipes that carry sewage) either though.

  3. Very cute! I need a little girl to sew things for! Thanks for stopping by my blog and saying hello, its always fun to meet new people in blogland! -Allison